I saw a picture somewhere ages ago of Dari's art and never forgot it. When I saw CurvyGirlsArt pop up on Facebook I knew I had to have a print. Dari was super responsive and the print and card arrived quickly, and OH! IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL! Great quality print, and the images just emanate joy. Definitely framing it and placing it somewhere prominent where I can experience it every day.

OHHHH! DARI, IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL!I'm so pleased! Thank you!  
I have to figure out the proper place to hang it - it deserves center stage!


I loved my card. It was a Birthday gift
and I felt so honored to receive it.It's not too often a BBW sees herselfor her type of woman on cards or anything of that nature.Dari did an amazing job designing these cards as well as choosing the right colors...I love my card and will be framing it.Thanks Again Dari for your wonderful work of plus size art...

Vernicelouis reviewed CurvyGirlsArt — 5 star

This site shows the inner beauty of curvy women. The sculptures are fantastic! The women who modeled for you, Dari shows outstanding potential and motivation to their bodies, and that what I love and care about bbw curvy women. True masterpieces each and every one of them. I adore them, Dari Walker. You have magnificent talent!Thank you so much �

I found a great frame for it. Thank you so much for this magnificent masterpiece of beauty.


I received my Galaxy Girl card by mail and it was absolutely lovely! I recommend Curvy Girls Art to several of my friends . Thanks again CurvyGirlsArt


Thank you for the add! Your artwork is brilliant!
As a proud curvy woman, married to a proud curvy woman,
potentially raising one as well,
your artwork is critical to the well-being of so many...
especially in the skinny culture/body shaming culture in which we live. Hopefully, my daughter will see your masterpieces and will see that all bodies, including her own, are their own works of art.

Doc S. E -

I love your work,  the shapes of the figures make me nervous, just like plus-size women in real life do, so that's a sign I'm very moved by what I see. You are very talented!


Deeply moving, stunningly beautiful art that affirms and restores.


I really love these!
I feel like my body type is celebrated
but not sexualized in your work. Beautiful.


Your images evoke a feeling of happiness, joy and radical body love. I esp. love Luminous Ella in all her confident glory <3


Join with me in celebrating the beauty of the curvy woman!